Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Turbines in Lake Ontario & Lake Erie? Beware!

Governor Patterson wants them. The New York Power Authority (NYPA), America’s largest state-owned power organization and Richard Kessel, newly named New York Power Authority chief executive – wants them and he’s a huge, huge supporter of offshore wind turbines. (The NY Power Authority announced an initiative on Aril 22, 2009 that could lead to the construction of a billion-dollar wind farm off the Lake Erie or Ontario shorelines) NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) supports them. NYC Mayor Bloomberg is actively involved in an offshore Long Island wind project. Sen. Schumer is a strong wind turbine supporter. Do you think these people care about the disappearance of your quality of life as long as they appear to be “green” to voters? Patterson, the lowest rated NYS governor in our lifetime, can still do considerable damage until NY voters finally kick him out for good.

But think about & consider the following:

Noise from offshore wind turbines will carry many times further than land based turbines and disturb far more people than terrestrial located wind turbines. The value of shoreline property will be dramatically reduced as a result of offshore turbine generated noise. Wind farm developers have downplayed and denied and lied about turbine noise for years! The loss of sleep is only the beginning of health problems associated with turbine noise. Research the Internet about this horrible turbine generated nuisance – better yet read Dr. Nina Pierpont’s new book: Wind Turbine Syndrome A Report on a Natural Experiment.

Catastrophic loss of property value - After turbines are placed in the lakes - the view shed of those waterfront property owners, traditionally the highest taxed property owners in any community – will be negatively changed forever causing their property to become considerably less valuable. People living near the Lake Ontario and Lake Erie shoreline will become victims of this appalling industrial development while the foreigners financially backing this calamity (with American taxpayer help and support from betraying NYS politicians) enjoy huge profits at the expense of the NYS taxpayers while suffering virtually none of the consequences. People living near the shoreline and subject to turbine noise, loss of the natural lake views, shadowing, light trespass and other turbine generated nuisances that never before existed – will demand enormous reductions in their assessments for loss of property values, etc. and then head for the courts when the town’s assessor’s turn them down. When lakeshore property owners finally realize the dilemma they’re in and can’t sell out – they’ll be prisoners in their own homes on the waterfront. For lakeshore property owners - offshore wind farms will become a legal apocalypse.

Loss of view shed –The aesthetic effect of numerous offshore wind turbines on the Lake Ontario/Lake Erie shoreline would be disastrous – forever! Can you imagine watching a gorgeous lake sunset or sunrise through the rotating blades of a battery of wind turbines? What do you think will command your attention?

Light trespass - The bright blinking red strobe lights atop the off-shore turbines will also reflect in the shimmering water and look like a water-borne emergency or carnival - every night –a repulsive distraction - forever. The blinking will be heightened during a haze or fog. Not only will your daytime view shed be destroyed – your loss of darkness at night will be missed too - forever.

Shadow flicker (or shadowing) when the turbines blade comes between you and the sun leaving you in the shadow. Shadow flicker will provoke quality of life issues and precipitate health problems for people living near the turbines. See how long you can stand someone in the room turning the lights off and on every 3 seconds! This is similar to shadowing. Again – read Dr. Pierpont’s book.

Other important issues -

Recreational boating near these offshore wind farms will be negatively changed forever. (Can you imagine hitting one of these turbines at night? Or not being able to pilot a boat or watercraft near an offshore wind farm due to restrictions?)

Offshore turbines are a threat to commercial and recreational fishing as well as shipping.

Offshore turbines will adversely affect communications, marine radio, television reception, microwave communication and aviation & weather radar.

Birds, bats, fisheries and aquatic resources will take an enormous hit from offshore wind farms.

There will be spillages and discharges from the turbine nacelles (they contain hundreds of gallons of fluids) & rotors contaminating lake waters. Lightening strikes and turbine fires will happen much less collapsed turbines like the one that self-destructed & collapsed near Altona, NY on March 6, 2009 and was kept quiet.

Ice impact on freshwater offshore wind turbine towers is a virtual unknown posing another potential danger of this development. (will NYS be the guinea pig in this experiment?)

Municipalities located near off-shore wind turbines will be powerless to control this unwanted development, especially regarding setbacks, because municipal authority ends at the shoreline. Federal and NYS authorities will decide and process if a wind farm is erected in Lakes Ontario and Erie. What a win-win situation this would become for the foreign dominated corrupt wind industry – no PILOT payments or other taxes to pay, no town officials to deal with, no bribing of local officials is needed, no frantic townspeople to face, no local public information meetings or local public hearings to deal with. The whole offshore wind project will be handled by federal people you don’t know, people you didn’t elect and people who don’t live near the disgusting wind turbines they will help develop. It’s likely the project is owned by corrupt foreigners who will rape NYS while enjoying the profits in their homeland. The Army Corp of Engineers and Public Service Commission will be big players trying to force this development onto New Yorkers. The NYS PSC has recently approved $95M for renewable energy projects in NYS including wind and don’t forget the PSC approved Iberdrola’s $4.6 billion acquisition of Energy East earlier this year. (Iberdrola of Spain is the largest wind farm developer in the world. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. pressured the PSC to approve the Iberdrola deal without any restrictions on wind development)

Not one commercial wind turbine has ever been placed in fresh water anywhere in the world.

More and larger turbines will populate an offshore wind farm.

Decommissioning (read: removal) of the rusting offshore inoperable turbine hulks will take a lifetime at great taxpayer expense – victimizing a community yet again!

Wind turbine energy is a fraudulent sideshow technology that will never pay for itself, will hurt many New Yorkers and cost NY taxpayers billions with little return.

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