Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friendly Iberdrola? You Must Be Kidding!

Seen the recent large ads’ from Iberdrola in Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle lately - the ones that say, “A friendly wind is coming your way…” and promise reliable wind power? They’re lying to you big time. There is no friendly wind from Iberdrola - what they’re serving you is foul air. What’s friendly about pitting neighbor against neighbor or splitting communities and destroying friendships over wind farms? What’s friendly about massive 400-foot high structures conflicting with the landscape and ruining the view shed? Do friends kill birds and bats like wind turbines do? What’s friendly about darkness loss the turbines create or the incessant low frequency noise the rotor blades generate? What’s friendly about the loss of property value those will suffer who live near one of these behemoths? What’s reliable about a machine that doesn’t work over 70% of the time? What’s friendly about the use of eminent domain to steal private property for this disgusting use? Think about transferring the critical electrical power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure to foreigners like Iberdrola – this is NOT wise! We do NOT need wind turbines in New York State.

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