Thursday, June 9, 2011

Perry Puts People First

Posted: Thursday, June 9, 2011 11:11 am - taken from the The (Batavia, NY) Daily News

A de facto approval to put people first was approved by the Perry Town Board at their May 11, 2011, Town Board meeting.

In this anything for a buck world we live in today where all too often it seems people just dont care about one another any more the fact that the Perry Town Board put their citizens first when it came to siting an industrial wind installation within their town is absolutely refreshing to ones soul!

It is understandable that our town boards had to look at these projects when they first showed up six or seven years ago now, because of the potential income industrial wind salesmen seemed to be offering. However, the overwhelming evidence exposing industrial wind as the Emperor Who Has No Clothes,far outweighs the dollar signs and devastated communities left in their wake in the long run.

Health studies from around the world indicate that the setbacks recommended in Perrys new law are still inadequate to protect the health of nearby neighbors. The fact that these still-inadequate setbacks effectively ban industrial wind turbines in Perry because they now wont fit in, only highlights the absurd and dangerous nature of the wind industrys initially proposed setbacks.

The failure of many local governments across the state and nation to provide appropriate leadership on this issue has been appalling. Massive wind plants create incivility pitting neighbor against neighbor, and even family member against family member. A major duty of good government is to foresee, and prevent or eliminate this kind of incivility.

Those who endorse or profit from placing such industrial complexes near the homes of others evidently dont have a clue about how to foster civil society! Perrys Town Board is more than clued in! They have proven they are committed to common sense, grounded in common decency! Such leadership is increasingly rare, and correspondingly valuable.

Citizens here should be proud of Perrys Town Board! Rather than swallowing the usual snake-oil offered by corporate shills to make people believe that pigs can fly, the Perry Town Board approved no-nonsense wind regulations insisting on civility and reality, and ultimately keeping these hucksters at bay.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to say a well-deserved thank you to the Perry Town Board! You listened, and took the time to educate yourselves. We all greatly appreciate and admire your perseverance, courage and dedication to doing the right thing in the face of such great pressures. The result was the enactment of enlightened public policy which all towns should strive to emulate. Perrys new wind law will protect not only Perrys citizens, but all New York state taxpayers and ratepayers who are sick and tired of footing the bill for this corporate welfare scam. (See: "The corporate welfare bar" and "Wasteful, redundant schemes must stop")

The Perry Town Boards new industrial wind law is what responsible government looks like in a land where people still care about their neighbors! I am sure that Perry Town Board members sleep easy at night knowing they put people above money, and abided by Jesus commandment to Love your neighbor as yourself.

God bless you all, and thank you for putting people first in Perry!

Mary Kay Barton lives in Silver Lake.

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